A facility matting system produced by a floor mat manufacturer UNIMAT provides very effective protection of building interiors against dirt and moisture brought in on the footwear and wheels of cargo trolleys. With our wiper and scraper matting systems it is possible to significantly reduce the ongoing costs of cleaning and restoring floors damaged by sand and moisture. Floor mats produced by UNIMAT are widely used in commercial facilities with intense pedestrian and shopping cart traffic (supermarkets, shopping centers, banks, railway stations, airports, car showrooms) as well as in small service establishments, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, residential and public buildings such as hospitals, museums, schools, offices, government and local community buildings. We provide a complete and effective solution to the problem of matting systems for many construction companies and we work closely with design offices and architects.

We offer:
A doormat whit drying inserts set into alumnium sections:
Algumata 12 TEXTILE LX
Algumata 22 TEXTILE LX
Algumata Variant 12 RT LX
The combination of brushes or rubber and drying inserts enables a very effective cleaning wet and dry dirt.
Algumata Variant 22 RT LX
Algumata Variant 12 BT LX
Algumata Variant 22 BT LX
Algumata Variant 22 MBR LX Algumata Variant 22 MBT LX  
The combination of brushes or rubber and drying inserts enables a extremely effective cleaning.
Algumata 12 RUBBER LX
Agumata 22 RUBBER LX
Algumata 12 BRUSH LX
Algumata 22 BRUSH LX
Algumata Variant 12 RB LX
Algumata Variant 22 RB LX
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export manager: Maciej Kowalski